Ultimate Guide to Sandwich Catering

Ultimate Guide to Sandwich Catering

At Sammy's Catering, we believe sandwiches are more than just lunch. They're a delicious way to fuel productivity at a business meeting, a crowd-pleasing centerpiece for a casual gathering, or a stress-free solution for feeding a hungry family reunion. But with so many options and factors to consider, planning a successful sandwich catering order can feel overwhelming. Fear not, sandwich enthusiasts!

This guide is here to navigate you through the delicious world of sandwich catering, ensuring your event is a symphony of satisfied sighs and happy stomachs.

Step 1: Know Your Crowd

The first step to crafting the perfect sandwich spread is understanding your guests. Consider:

  • Occasion: Is it a formal business lunch, a casual backyard party, or a kid's birthday bash? Tailor your bread and fillings accordingly.
  • Dietary needs: Do any guests have allergies or dietary restrictions? Offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to ensure inclusivity.
  • Time of day: A breakfast meeting calls for different fillings than an afternoon conference. Opt for lighter options in the morning and more substantial choices later in the day.

Step 2: Variety is Key

People have diverse tastes. Here's how to create a spread that caters to everyone:

  • Bread selections: Offer a mix of white, wheat, and perhaps even multigrain or focaccia to cater to different preferences.
  • Classic combinations: Always include crowd-pleasers like ham and cheese, turkey and mayo, or tuna salad.
  • Get adventurous: Balance the classics with unique options like hummus and roasted vegetables, grilled chicken pesto, or a caprese twist.
  • Don't forget the fixings: Provide a variety of condiments, mustards, dressings, and fresh veggies to allow guests to customize their sandwiches.

Step 3: Presentation Matters

The way you present your sandwiches can elevate your catering order from good to great.

  • Platter perfection: Arrange sandwiches on platters in an visually appealing way. Consider using colorful toothpicks or skewers for a fun touch.
  • Labeling is key: Clearly label each platter with the sandwich fillings to avoid any confusion for guests with allergies.
  • Add some sides: Complement your sandwiches with fresh fruit platters, chips and salsa, or a light salad to create a well-rounded meal.

Step 4: How Much is Enough?

Nobody likes to leave an event hungry! Here's a general guideline to estimate quantities:

  • Light meals: Plan for 1.5 sandwiches per person.
  • Heartier meals: For a more substantial spread, order 2-3 sandwiches per person.
  • Factor in finger foods: If you're including additional finger foods like chips or crudités, you can reduce the number of sandwiches per person.

Step 5: Leave it to the Experts

At Sammy's Catering, we're passionate about creating delicious and satisfying sandwich experiences. We offer a wide variety of breads, fillings, and customization options to suit any event.

Contact us today and let our team of experts craft the perfect sandwich selection for your next gathering. We'll take care of the details, so you can focus on enjoying the company and creating lasting memories.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget to inquire about any special dietary needs your guests may have. We are happy to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten sensitivities.

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