Mariam’s 3rd Birthday 🌸 - Sammys Catering & Co

Ballerina Themed Birthday

The Sammys Catering & Co team created a catering spread every little girls dreams of having for Mariam's 3rd Birthday! The theme of the party was a Ballerina theme and we created a buffet set up involving as much pink as possible! 

This Buffet set up service catered for 40 guests.

Sydney Buffet Catering

This set up had a variety of meal options including:

- Tabouli Salad

- Baba Ghanouj Dip

- Crispy Chicken Pink Coloured Sliders

- Finger food catering - Cheese Sombosik 

- Finger food catering - Meat Kibbeh 

Mini pizza catering

-  A selection of Mini Pizzas

- Bocconcini & Watermelon Skewers

- Savoury filled Bagels

- Dessert platter of home made Knafeh 

- Pink Lemonade Cups

If you have a Theme for your upcoming event and are looking to use our buffet set up catering services, our team will be able to customise your menu to match your theme and create a delicious and tantalising feast that will wow you and your guests!



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