Elyanna's 1st Birthday 🦋 - Sammys Catering & Co

Buffet Set up Catering

The Sammys Catering & Co. team created a fun & vibrant setup for our birthday girl's special day. Sticking with a colourful niche throughout the spread, the team has created an open buffet with class.

This set up catered for 100 guests.


Customers Testimonial

Thank you guys, you were brilliant! All the little ones love the colourful buns!!


This Styled Set Up included: 

- 25 Whole Charcoal Chickens

- 2 Large Trays of Lamb Mansaf

- Large Bowl of Tabouli

- Large Bowl of Fattoush

- 60 Pink Kafta Sliders

- 40 Pink Crispy Chicken Sliders

- Large Tray of Chicken Mushroom Tortellini 

- Large Platter of Garlic

- 2 Large Trays of Knafeh

- Large Fruit Platter

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