Eloise's 40th Birthday 👸🏻 - Sammys Catering & Co

Eloise's 40th Birthday 👸🏻

The Sammys Catering & Co. team created a vibrant setup for our birthday girl's special day. The team has created an open cocktail buffet with a variety.

This set up catered for 40 guests.


Customers Testimonial

Thank you for everything! The spread was soooo good! You guys were incredible!

This Styled Set Up included: 

- 3 Dozens of Mini shot Dogs

- 50 Cocktail Lamb Skewers

- 60 Cocktail Shish Tawook Skewers

- 6 Dozens of Cheese Sombosik

- 4 Dozens of Bolognaise Arancini 

- 60 Crispy Chicken Sliders

- 60 Kafta Sliders

- Large Tray of Lamb Mansaf

- Large Bowl of Greek Salad

- Large Tray of Chilli Corriander Potatoes


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